to the LIFE+ Nature Project "Heide-Allianz: Biodiversity and biotope network in the Nördlinger Ries and Wörnitz Valley"!

Experience a landscape that is characterised by a meteorite impact 14.5 million years ago and discover habitats that range from extremely dry to wet, as well as their inhabitants.

A range of patrons and sponsors have come together to support and maintain this unique cultural landscape, with the LIFE+ Nature Project:

Project partners collaborating together are:

the Heide-Allianz trust

The administrative
district of Donau-Ries

Rieser Naturschutzverein e.V.
Schutzgemeinschaft Wemdinger Ried e.V.

Bund Naturschutz in Bayern
Kreisgruppe Donau-Ries

and the Bavarian State Ministry for Environment and Consumer Protection

Sponsored by:

With the support of the
Financial Instrument LIFE
of the European Union